OS X applications and Linux alternatives

Linux application replacements for Apple applications


Apple Ubuntu
iTunes Rhythmbox
iPhoto F-Spot
iMovie none; several are under active development
GarageBand no default; Jokosher and Audacity are good options
iDVD no default; several are available in repositories
iWeb none
QuickTime Totem
DVD Player Totem
Mail Evolution
Safari Firefox
iCal Evolution
iChat Pidgin for IM, Ekiga for VoIP
PhotoBooth Cheese
Front Row no default; Elisa and MythTV are available
Addressbook Evolution
iWork suite OpenOffice
MobileMe none; Conduit and others are in development
Time Machine no default; many options in repositories
iSync none; Funambol is an independent solution
XCode Eclipse, Anjuta, KDevelop and more available
Automator Many scripting languages available, though none target desktop as a whole
Boot Camp GRUB
Aperture no default; Rawstudio and UFRaw are good options
Final Cut none; Cinelerra is unstable, Lumiera still far from release
Logic Pro no default; Ardour is available
Shake no default; Blender does compositing in addition to 3-D<