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Data Import Export

  • Use views to export and feedapi to import

How to get username of current user viewing page? here

Adding a slide show as a view in a block.

Getting mime mail to work with outlook and drupal 6

- return mimemail_multipart_body($parts,"$content_type; charset=utf-8");
+ // agidise-mod: mixed
+ $content_type = 'multipart/mixed';
+ // agidise-mod: removed "$content_type; charset=utf-8"
+ return mimemail_multipart_body($parts,$content_type);

around line 320 in the D6 version of mimemail.inc did the trick.

I have an option to process all messages with MimeMail unchecked (there were some issues in the past, still with Drupal 5, if I remember well; and, I simply don't need HTML for system messages as confirmations etc.).