Raspberry Pi to control blinds or shades

I wanted to lower the shade on my deck every morning automatically on a schedule.  Here is a video of it working

Shade video 

Parts list

  • Raspberry Pi version B+ I had laying around

raspberry pi Bplus

Power supply

  • Bringsmart 12V 40rpm Worm Gear Motor Self-locking DC Motor Amazon $14.99

Motor worm drive

  • Bringsmart 370 Mounting Bracket with Screw Worm Gear Motor Fixed Fastener Amazon $8.99

Mounting bracket

  • Decided to make my own custom motor bracket using the above as a guide

Custom motor bracket


  • Aopin 6mm to 8mm Rigid Couplings Set Screw Shaft Amazon $9.19

Shaft for motor

  • Wiring Instructions for reversible motor with power switch

Wiring Diagrams


  • 3D boxes to hold power supply and relay


Installed Product

Installed Blinds