Linux usage history of CPU Memory and Disk usage using nmon

nmon_cliHow to monitor your Linux servers with nmon

The advantage of the nmon tool over top is it will, using a simple ncurses interface, display the usage for CPU, memory, network, disks, file system, NFS, top processes, resources, and power micro-partition. What's best is that you get to choose what nmon displays. And since it's text-based, you can secure shell into your servers and get a quick glimpse.

Summary - The Anatomy of Peace

Peace Cover

The Anatomy Of Peace will help you make your life and the world more calm by explaining the inefficiencies in our go-to pattern of using conflict to resolve differences and giving specific tips for how to use understanding to settle issues.


Do you remember the last conflict you were part of? Perhaps it was a difficult spouse, struggling teenager, or an annoying neighbor. These days it’s hard for anyone to come out on top in these situations. Usually bringing up an issue just makes people point fingers at you!

But realistically, it takes two people to sustain a fight. Unfortunately for you that means that you are at least a little to blame for the quarrels in your life. But what parts of the disagreement are you responsible for? And better yet, how can you end the conflict peacefully?

Summary - The Go-Giver

The Go-Giver is a fable about an ambitious young man, Joe, who propelled himself to phenomenal success after he learned and applied the “Five Laws of Stratospheric Success” from a famous consultant and several go-givers (who were also extremely successful in their businesses/career).


The Law of Value

CoverYour real worth is defined by how much more value you give than how much you get paid. Before thinking about profits, first ask yourself, does this serve others? A great business delivers unbelievable value; when you you focus on giving value as a way of life, the money will naturally follow.

The Law of Compensation

Your income is decided by the number of people you serve and how well you serve them. The bigger your impact, the more money you’ll actually earn.

Airflow upgrade on GCP Composer

I get the following error when trying to upgrade Composer versions on GCP

UPDATE operation on this environment failed 1 hour ago with the following error message:
Failed to update image version. The Cloud Build image build failed: Build failed; check build logs for details

The logs for this are in the Cloud builder but they have no useful information. Turns out I had to remove the PYPI packages before the upgrade.  For more information see:

This guide in Composer Docs that gave me some clue about what was going on.

Then I succeeded after doing this:

  1. ensured that these conditions from the link above were met
  2. became Admin, I was editor (that should have permission), but I became Admin to eliminate permissions doubts
  3. removed all PYPI packages from the environment

Git automation with OAuth tokens

You can use OAuth tokens to interact with GitHub via automated scripts.

Step 1: Get an OAuth token

Create a personal access token on your application settings page. For more information, see "Creating a personal access token."


  • You must verify your email address before you can create a personal access token. For more information, see "Verifying your email address."
  • We recommend that you regularly review your authorized integrations. Remove any applications and tokens that haven't been used in a while. For more information, see "Reviewing your authorized integrations."

As a security precaution, GitHub automatically removes personal access tokens that haven't been used in a year.

Summary - Good to Great by Jim Collins

Aniket Ambekar  Summary by Aniket Ambekar Good to Great Book

Good is the enemy of Great’. This is how the author sets off a riveting journey explaining the findings from his and his team’s half a decade of research in the conquest of how to make good companies great. Essentially, ‘Good to Great’ happens very rarely and it is because it is damn difficult. In his research, Jim Collins (the author), has found out systematic phases through which any great company goes through and lays out a framework as shown below:

Good to Great Flywheel

The framework has got three main components:

Summary - Leadership and Self Deception

There is a nice summary at the end of the book :

  • Self betrayal leads to self-deception and “the box”
  • When you are in the box, you cannot focus on the results
  • Your influence and success will depend on being out of the box
  • You get out of the box as you cease resisting other people
  • Don’t try to be perfect. Do try to be better
  • Don’t use the vocabulary “the box” and so on – with people who don’t already know it. Do use the principles in your own life
  • Don’t look for others’ boxes. Do look for your own
  • Don’t accuse others of being in the box. Do try to stay out of the box yourself
  • Don’t give up on yourself when you discover you have been in the box. Do keep trying
  • Don’t deny that you have been in the box when you have been. Do apologise, then just keep marching forward, trying to be more helpful in the future.
  • Don’t focus on what others are doing wrong. Do focus on what you can do right to help
  • Don’t worry whether others are helping you. Do worry whether you are helping others.

I particularly liked a 10 minute video by Callibrain summarizing the book  –

Summary - Tribal Leadership

by Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright

What Is a Tribe?

  • A tribe is a group of people. 
  • A small company is a tribe. A large company is a tribe of tribes.
  • What makes some tribes more effective than others is culture. Stage 5 tribes out perform stage 4 tribes.

What Is Tribal Leadership?

  • Tribal Leadership focuses on language and behavior within a culture
  • It does not seek to address cognitions, beliefs, attitudes, or other factors we cannot directly observe.
  • Each cultural stage has its own way of speaking, types of behavior, and structures of relationships.
  • Tribal Leaders do two things:
    1. listen for which cultures exist in their tribes and
    2. upgrade those tribes using specific leverage points.


Tribal Leadership

How to install BpyTop which is like htop or top.

Short and simple, BpyTop is a computer resource monitor that uses the terminal interface. It is a Bashtop Python Port that takes all the advantages of being written in Python 3.6.


Some of the features of BpyTop are

  • Easy to use, with a game inspired menu system.
  • Full mouse support, all buttons with a highlighted key is clickable and mouse scroll works in process list and menu boxes.
  • Fast and responsive UI with UP, DOWN keys process selection.
  • Function for showing detailed stats for selected process.
  • Ability to filter processes, multiple filters can be entered.
  • Easy switching between sorting options.

It must also be said that we are in the presence of an open-source program because it is released under the Apache license and the source code is accessible to everyone. The program has versions for macOS, many Linux distributions, and BSD so that in servers will run without problems.