Jeff bought a Kawasaki Nomad 1500 motorcycle and has put 250 miles on it the last few days. It is a pretty bike, but a little loud.

Update: I now have put 3500 miles on the motorcycle in short rides, and much of the initial noise was wind noise from head buffeting.  I describe what worked (and what didn't under accessories)

Update: I sold my Nomad this spring because I bought a Goldwing 1800 a couple of years ago and did not ride the Nomad much any more.  The Goldwing has buffeting like the Nomad did before I fixed it.  I have tried a F4 tall windsheld and wind wings, but my wife says she really gets pounded with wind in the chest and helmet.

Update2: I added a Honda Shadow 1100, I have let my son use this for some riding.

We just went around the Mt. Nebo Loop from Payson canyon out Nephi canyon.

Nebo Loop