Raspberry PI 4B Tips

Use ssh to connect terminal session to PI

You can ssh to connect to your raspberry pi, all you need to know is the IP address,

The default user is pi, and the password is raspberry.


Remote Desktop connection to PI

You can use VNC to remote connect to your PI, using your computer Keyboard and screen to see and control a virtual desktop. 


Common VNC errors: https://www.web3us.com/how-guides/vnc-connection-raspberry-pi-unknown

PI 4B pinouts




Show Raspberry Pi GPU and ARM CPU temperature

Monitory CPU speed and temp Sample output

$ ./temp.sh 
Date   Time    GPU-C  GPU-F      CPU-C  CPU-F    CPU      Core    Vcore
Jul 29 18:46   80.0'C 176.0'F    80.8'C 177.4'F  1500MHz  500MHz  0.8455V
Jul 29 18:46   79.0'C 174.2'F    79.8'C 175.6'F  1500MHz  500MHz  0.8455V
Jul 29 18:47   81.0'C 177.8'F    81.8'C 179.2'F  1500MHz  500MHz  0.8455V
Edit a file temp.sh and add the following:
DisplayHeader="Date   Time    GPU-C  GPU-F      CPU-C  CPU-F    CPU      Core    Vcore"
while true ; do
  let ++Counter
  if [ ${Counter} -eq 21 ]; then
        echo -e "${DisplayHeader}"

  Clockspeed=$(vcgencmd measure_clock arm | awk -F"=" '{printf ("%0.0f",$2/1000000); }' )
  Corespeed=$(vcgencmd measure_clock core | awk -F"=" '{printf ("%0.0f",$2/1000000); }' )
  CoreVolt=$(vcgencmd measure_volts | cut -f2 -d= | sed 's/000//')
  gpu=$(/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp | awk -F "[=\']" '{print $2}')
  cpu=$(echo "$cpu / 100 * 0.1" | bc)
  cpuf=$(echo "(1.8 * $cpu) + 32" |bc)
  gpuf=$(echo "(1.8 * $gpu) + 32" |bc)
  echo -e "$(date '+%b %d %H:%M')   ${gpu}'C ${gpuf}'F    ${cpu}'C ${cpuf}'F  $(printf '%4s' ${Clockspeed})MHz $(printf '%4s' ${Corespeed})MHz  ${CoreVolt}"
  sleep 10

Note, if you get the error: 

./temp.sh: line 16: bc: command not found

Then you need to install the command line calculator bc with the following:

#sudo apt-get install bc