EdgeMax EdgeRouter X hairpin configuration with GUI 1.7 screen shots

Hairpinning (or NAT loopback) is where a machine on the LAN is able to access another machine on the LAN via the external IP address of the LAN/router (with port forwarding set up on the router to direct requests to the appropriate machine on the LAN).

How to setup hairpin on the EdgeRouter X model ER-X running EdgeOS v1.7

Sample Network

EdgeRouter ER-X Dashboard v1.7


Interface details for eth0 – WAN


Interface details for switch0


Interface details for eth2 WLAN

eth2 WLAN

Hairpin DNAT Rule Part1

DNAT Part1

Hairpin DNAT Rule Part2

DNAT Part2

Hairpin Source NAT Part1

NAT Part1

Hairpin Source NAT Part1

NAT Part2