Raspberry PI Pico W motion and light sensor relay

At first I thought I would need to use a PI Pico to control a automatic light in my garage.  I started off by buying the following, but then I learned that just the RCWL-0516 Switch Module could do it all without the need for the PI Pico.

Radar Sensor RCWL-0516 Switch Module

Songhe RCWL-0516 RCWL0516 Microwave Radar Sensor Module,Human Body Induction Switch Module,Motion Induction Switch Sensor Module 5-7m 4-28V 5pcs

At CDS you can add a LDR (light-dependent resistor) to do motion detection during night only. For example, if you need to use this module for motion sensing light for outdoor, then LDR is a must. Without LDR light will glow in daytime also which is the waste of electricity.

(details here)

Amazon 8 pcs for $9.59



Resistor 5516 GL5516 5mm 0.5 Mohm Photoresistor

Chanzon 20pcs LDR Resistor 5516 GL5516 5mm 0.5 Mohm Photoresistor Light-Dependent Photoconductor 20pcs Photo Light Sensitive

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Amazon 20 pcs $5.99

Resistor GL5516


5v Channel Relay Module

AEDIKO 4pcs DC 5V Relay Module 1 Channel Relay Switch Relay Board with Optocoupler Isolation Support High or Low Level Trigger

(details here)

Amazon 10 pcs $11.99

Relay Module 5V



HiLetgo 10PCS Super Mini USB Light Ultra Slim USB Light for Laptop/Keyboard/Camping

Two outside pins are for GND (left below) and 5V (right below). I had to solder leads onto the pins. Note, 3 volts also works but less than half as bright.

Amazon HiLetgo 10PCS


Raspberry Pi Pico W

Pi Pico W