Ear phones - noise canceling

I like to ride with some type of ear protection when on a cruiser, because after 30 minutes on the freeway my ears are ringing if I don't.  I have Vans Hines pipes on my bike and they sound nice but are a louder than stock pipe. m

Recently I have been interested in both being able to listen to music and getting an intercomm so I can talk to Liz. 

I have determined that I will need some type of ear phones that fit into the ear to block out some of the bike noise.  I regularly use noise canceling headphones on airline flights so I started thinking that would be good.  I found out though that on a Motorcycle active noise canceling usually makes things worse because the microphone sitting under your jacket hears different sounds than your ears in your helmet. 

So I went shopping and bought bought all three ear buds they had at Walmart.  We kept two noise isolating earbuds and returned the others

  1. Koss KE29S (sticks out a little but not bad sound), comes with small, medium and large silicon cushions, and a case.
  2. JVC HA-FX34-B (sticks out less but not much bass), comes with small and large silicon cushions, no case.
  3. JBL because they didn't stay in the ear or block any noise, none at all. 


The first two both did fairly good at blocking out sound well enough to at least hear music on at a medium sound level, and fit under our full face helmets.