Tim O'Reilly Keynote

"Cloud Computing does not mean what you think it does.  Open Web services and Open Data are just as important as Open source code."

  • Cloud computing does not mean what you think it means, The cloud includes:
    • Devices acting as sensors
    • Devices whose UT is on the Web
    • Data from and to multiple online services (location, search, traffic, imagery)
  • The PC is out of the loop
  • The Internet Operating System is a Data Operating System
  • Who do we want to own the Internet Operating System, (see who owns what)

Tim referred to his blogs The War for the Web, and The State of the Internet Operating System.  Also, he referred to the blog Truly Open Data.

Main Points:

  • DIY Spirit.
  • Need Open Data
  • Real time, traffic one minute ago is not good enough
  • Technology keeps evolving.
  • Work on stuff that matters.


  • Make Magazine
  • Square - Credit card reader for Iphone
  • Data.gov - description of open data
  • Code for America - city government projects

In summary Tim is a very forward thinking guy with a lot of awarness of some new exciting trends.  His presentation came off as needing review because it lacked a good road map to tell us were he was going and poor summary of the points he wanted to make.  He kept saying these seem unrelated but they are, and never said or outlined how things were related.  I kept waiting for the explination of were he was going and then he was done.  Lots of good material about new technologies but just little one liners as I have mentioned above.

Drupalcon keynote slides: Open Source and Open Data in the age of the cloud