The Great Architect of the Universe and Creator of Heaven and Earth

How sure is our foundation?

Often times we as mankind, with limited experience and understanding, struggle to comprehend that many things exist beyond our own understanding.  We approach things based on our personal experience, and assume that what we cannot comprehend must not be so.


Recently, I have thought about some of the alarms that I remember being raised.  Men and women have started various causes in an effort to protect us and the world.  Some of the alarms I remember are as follows:

Landfills - The world is out of room for land fills, we must not use disposable diapers only cloth diapers.

Population- The world is out of (land, food) the cities are over crowed we must limit births of children.

Energy - We are running out of energy (oil, trees)  there will not be any more in 20 years.

Global Warming - Humans are causing global warming, the earth cannot handle the change in temperature without disastrous consequences.

Nothing beyond ourselves

There are others whose approach to their surroundings comes without a steady foundation of belief in some higher being our creator often have more fears of the unknown. That which is uncomprehending can lead to fear, uncertainty, emotional reactions.  It can also open up opportunities for greed to play upon our fears and generate causes motivated by those who see a way to turn them into money.

Belief in creator being brings inner stability

I myself and others who have belief and faith Jesus Christ as the creator of Heaven and Earth can adopt an internal self assurance that the Universe has been architect ed with a perfect master plan.   Our life on this world is part of the perfect plan of a loving Heavenly Father whose omniscience and foreknowledge allowed him to prepare a world much more resilient than most of us can comprehend.  While individuals may experience consequences of their own or others actions, some times even painful consequences.  They non the less have confidence that the purposes of God to give each of us the experience of life here upon this earth, to gain a body for our spirit, and to be given immortality and the change to return to live with God in the Heavens will not be thwarted.

Jeff Sly