Google Pixel 6 vs Galaxy s21 vs iPhone 13 Comparison of Specifications

Update - Now that I have had my Pixel 6 Pro a few months, here are a few observations.

Is the phone to huge?

  • Not at all in fact it is the same width and thickness as my old Pixel 3 XL and just 1/4 inch taller.

Is the in screen finger print scanner slow?

  • No it is very fast, just a fraction slower than the on the back scanner from my Pixel 3 XL, in fact I find it faster to scan my thumb print every time than to turn on the smart unlock which requires a swipe up to open the phone if it is unlocked because it detects it is on my body.

    Does the screen finger print work in bright light?

    • No it does not, you must shade the screen from direct sunlight or it will not work.

      Have I ever seen the screen flicker?

      • No

      Does the curved edge of the screen blur the image? Does it make it hard to swipe from the side?

      • Yes the very edge of the screen is slightly blurred but it does not bother me, most of the interface is not close enough to the edge to distort with the curved edge, only when viewing images can you tell. I have a protective case and I can still swipe from the edge just fine.

      What about 5G is it faster? Does it drain the battery?

      • Using 5G is not any faster that I can tell in my small town. I did not notice it taking any more battery.

      What about signal strength?

      • It is not very good, you must have a strong signal or the phone does not work, much worse than any other phone because of the modem from Samsung instead of Qualcomm,  even Samsung won't use this modem in its own phones they use the Qualcomm one instead.

      How is battery life?

      • Battery life is very good, If I use the phone for many hours I can drain it to about 40% left in one day. With normal usage I have 70% left

      Is the new 30w charger any faster?

      • Not really, the old 18 w pixel charger only takes 11 minutes longer to do a full charge on the Pixel 6 Pro.

      Should I get the Pixel 6? Spoiler: Yes

      Pixel 6 comparison

      I am now thinking that the Pixel 6 looks like a winner for me.  I really love the camera on the Pixel phones. Google's image processing software is amazing for photos!Pixel 6 Pro

      I have a Pixel 3 XL I need to upgrade and these are the choices I have been considering.  After putting together the information below I think the Pixel 5a is off of the table for me.  I need more of future proof choice that I feel will still perform well for the next 3 years. Check out the performance on the last 3 rows, the Pixel 5/5a are slower than my 3 year old phone!

      Google's Pixel 6 looks like it'll actually be way more exciting than the iPhone 13

      Commentary: I'm a longtime Apple fan, but I'm surprised by how excited I am for the new Pixel

      Tensor ChipiPhone 13 review  says that the iPhone 13 isn't radically different from the iPhone 12.  Google's Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, look to be a doozy and seem to represent a massive leap forward for Google in terms of design, performance and features.

      Google Pixel 6 Cases and Accessories

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