Bamboohr Private


  • MySQL

  • Asterisk Phone

  • Ubuntu Linux

  • SIP provider Flowroute USA Inbound, International Outbound, Twilio USA out bound

  • Network Gear Juniper Utah, Cisco switch Hercules, California

  • Jira Service Desk,

  • apigee

  • Document some knowledge base in google sites

  • Have Dev, QA, Production, but limited data rows in Dev and QA, no load testing, Run reports from snapshots of production.

  • NinjaRMM is the world's first security centric remote monitoring and management platform.

Joel T. Stucki

American Fork, BYU Charles Schwab

Apollo Education Group, Arcsight → Splunk 8 months

Our network is Zero Trust

Manage certificates with onelogin, also use this instead of Active Directory.

CFO – Kent Goats – high morals, no real budget, get approvals for everything


Jose Sandavol

Updating Knowledge base in the new google sites, send these articles to people to help them with an issue

Configures Laptops/desktop phones for new people

Andrew Vawdrey

IT Helpdesk Technician, BS CS UVU 2018

Worked on Security, Apple and Windows updates and patches

Setup PC alerts to reboot every 15 days

Jesse Johnson

, Systems Administrator, UVU Student

Riverton 6 Years Bamboo

Juniper Router, HD Que, projects OpenVPN to replace AD in California

Amazon Workspaces - automated virtual desktops to use by ? group

Switched to no longer have 14 shared workstations, but each person has their own virutal workstation we spin up once per ? for them to do ?

Use Python with AWS CLI  to get CSV

OneLogin in Radius authentication

Docker container - clean up teamviewer

Vagrant - Developers Ask for help , We install it, operations does their part


Use Vagrant to set up Development

  • Vagrant is a tool focused for managing development environments and Terraform is a tool for building infrastructure mostly (cloud i.e. AWS).


What environment landscape, Dev, Test, Prod (Staging)


  • End user response time

  • Uptime

  • Synthetic Monitoring

  • Datadog Synthetics? Locations? Pingdom, NewRelic

  • Server loads

  • Busy time of the month or year

  • Application monitoring: network, web server, database server. NewRelic, AppDynamics

Patch management

Endpoint device management, BYOD, Apple Business Manager, SolarWinds, Munki

User Accounts: OpenDirectory, ActiveDirectory, OpenLDAP,


Roles segmentation of duties

WiFi access – known devices

Network segmentation – Data isolation


Outage plans, escalation procedures

Business Services Catalog

Dependency Map


Corporate IT/Help Desk (one System Admin, one system admin/ help desk, one help desk)

  1. Set of internal tools for employees

  2. Phone server open source IP based – What is the phone system?

  3. Networking - What brand?

  4. Tracking software – Apple Munki

  5. User accounts, segregation of duties

  6. Data – appropriate controls on sensitive data like SSN

  7. Analytics Data warehouse (probably led by another person)


Biggest time consumer?

Immediate needs?

Future needs?