How to easily install Drush from GitHub

First you will need to install composer, because composer is used to do the install of Drush now.

# curl -sS | php
# sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer


  • To install Drush 6.x (stable):

    # composer global require drush/drush:6.*
  • To install Drush 7.x (dev) which is required for Drupal 8:

    # composer global require drush/drush:dev-master

Now you have drush installed, just need to add the directory to your path

# sed -i '1i export PATH="$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH"' $HOME/.bashrc
# source $HOME/.bashrc

Drush executable is installed in the bin path of composer, which is under the users home directory.

That is it

Now you can just run drush, you probably want to change to the root directory of a drupal install and run it

# drush status

or to learn more type

# drush topic

You can use Drush to install drupal 7