Upgrade Ubercart from Drupal 5 to 6

directory after deleteStep by step guide to upgrade Ubercart  from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6

  1. Backup everything
  2. Change themes to garland
  3. Copy nista theme to sites/all/themes/
  4. Disable all modules (takes about 8 waves of disabling)
  5. Delete folders & files
    • includes
    • misc
    • modules
    • profiles
    • scripts
    • themes
  6. Copy these same folders from Drupal 6.14 to the directory
  7. Double check all the files and directories are in place
  8. Run the upgrade script, once then twice
  9. Delete all themes and modules from the sites/all folder
  10. Copy over the D6 versions of admin_menu
  11. Run update.php script again
  12. Enable admin_menu module (admin/modules)
  13. Copy over needed modules to sites/all/modules
  14. Run update again
  15. Copy over the nista and clean and clean2 and zen themes
  16. Copy over the optional modules
  17. Run update again
  18. Turn on all the extra modules as in the Drupal 6 module list (attached)
  19. Turn on the update status module
  20. Content
  21. Turn off the Site name under global and clean2 theme
  22. Copy image files and images sub folder into files folder
  23. Change themes to clean2
  24. Update the logo path, turn off the default, clear cache
  25. Modify sites/all/themes/clean2/css/navigation.css image paths
  26. Turn on the primary links menu /admin/build/menu/settings
  27. Add blocks for video (dispaly on home page), footer
  28. Move blocks to right and to footer