Drupal Panels Presentation

Panels is a layout manager written by Earl Miles

Panelizer - Panel nodes on steroids

Panopoly - Distribution based on Panels currently in Beta

New in Panels

  • Redesigned the IPE (In place editor)
  • Can change pane styles
  • Pane Locking


  • Like panel nodes but with context
  • For any node, user, taxonomy term, by bundle with defaults that can be picked by the editor.
  • Can now give panels to content users

BEAN (Block Entites aren't Nodes)

Can make it so that users can just edit one field of an entity without getting overwelmed by the edit for all the fields.

Entity Revision Scheduler - You can edit a revision that will be hidden until it is scheduled to be published.

Panopoly - Drupal Distribution

More than just panels comes with WYSIWYG.