Ender 3 upgrade to v2 silent board 4.2.7 and add BLTouch 3.1

I recently found out about the v2 motherboard upgrade (Motherboard V4.2.7 with TMC2225) for the Ender 3. It is a great idea and not very expensive or hard to do.  The reasons for doing the upgrade are you replace the 8 bit board with a 32 bit board and the new board comes with Silent stepper motor drivers.  They may the printer run silent except for the power supply fan which I added a cover over to quite down some.

Then I found out the new board supports the BLTouch and filament sensor connectors so I thought great I will just buy a BLTouch and plug it in because I always wanted to have self leveling. If I had know everything needed to do this up front to install the BLTouch it might have scared me away.  In addition to purchasing the BLTouch I needed a 1.5 meter extension cable (which I made for 22 gauge wire) and I needed to upgrade the firmware and enable the BLTouch.  (To do this I had to install VSCode and you need to install the PlatformIO IDE extension for VS Code prior to building.)

In the end these two videos to be the most helpful to get the BLTouch working: 

I also reviewed this video but it did not match very well as it is for a Ender 3 V2 and I just had an Ender 3 (with the old display screen)

I had everything correct, new firmware, cabling but the BLTouch would not initialize, finally I pushed the connectors on to the board much harder and tried again and it all worked!