Data Center Greyhound

First America – Owns Grey Hound, several trains, and 50,000 school buses

Talked to Michael Gross CTO 513-967-7406 Cincinnati OH.  They lost their secondary data center in Plano Texas last week to fire.  They will be completely down for 3+ weeks, and then in 45 days will need to migrate to a replacement permanent location.  The data center had one critical production system that had its own private UPS and when the fire alarm started and shutdown the main UPS and power to the room that UPS was still powering the critical system, when the water dumped it fried the system.  This was a large data center with no isolation so all the systems got wet.  Most of the tapes on site could be dried out.  This many of the servers are currently drying and in a week they can test power them to see how many can be saved.

They have 550 consultants and 120 FTE in IT for 100,000+ employees.  They use Vbox for their servers.