Fedora 20 getting started

I installed the Mate Desktop for Fedora 20 becasue I really liked Fedora 19 Mate.

easyLife is a user friendly program that installs packages on Fedora as well as adjustments most users want. It makes new users' experience easy and fun, providing the means to set the OS up quickly and painless.


MariaDB now replaces mysql as the database included. 

$ sudo yum install mariadb-server

$ sudo systemctl start mariadb

$ sudo systemctl status mariadb mariadb.service


Services are now controled by the systemctl start/stop service, use enable to auto start.

system_config_lvm was dropped from the repository for Fedora 19, but I could find it.  No luck for FC20.

I needed some basic commands for extending my logical volume so I documented them


Connecting to Cisco VPN with Fedora 20

I needed to manually add gnome package for integrating VPN capabilities with
the vpnc server, using yum I installed NetworkManager-vpnc-gnome to allow the choose shown.