Stake Conference Technology Plan

Youth Session

Setup at: Sunday at 4 PM when last ward is out (unless someone can tell me the chapel is vacant earlier).


  • 1 projector in that Chapel of the Stake Center (Stake Center only event, not Webcasted).
  • Set up the flat screens (for leadership on stand) and CRTs (for choir). Since we are showing a video and slide show presentation,
  • That means we will need to use the cameras to display video and presentation.


  • Setup: names
  • Manning projector\laptop for video and slide show: names
  • Run the cameras from library: names
  • Send notice to the Bishops that Choir needs to be canceled on Youth Conference Sunday: President

Note: this is our only opportunity to setup and test. It is an absolute that we do need to test video\audio for obvious reasons and it has to be in the chapel. This will be disruptive to them. Just from experience, someone is going to get upset. So, someone in authority may want to set their expectations. We need our prep time and that time is it.

Friday Setup and Web-cast test

The idea is to simulate similar conditions to actual broadcast. We will test when we setup everything on Friday and do dry run tests during leadership meeting and adult sessions.


Stake Center:

Main Street:


Stake Center

  • Projector in Cultural hall
  • Projectors\TVs in 5 overflow rooms via CCTV
  • Web-cast broadcast connected.
  • Wireless\connectivity will be disabled on Friday.

Main Street building

  • Main Street Building will have the one projector
  • Web-cast receiver connected to receive the web-cast stream.
  • Wireless\connectivity will be disabled on Friday.

Leadership Session

We will test the system during the session, practice using cameras, ensure hymn words are working via mixer. This will be displayed on flat screens on stand.


  • Practice using cameras: Names
  • Ensure hymn words are working via mixer:

Adult Session

We will test system during this session as well.


  • Projector in chapel for video.


  • Run projector\laptop in chapel: Names
  • Run the cameras from library: Names
  • Roam: Names

General Session

The Big Show, well maybe not big if comparing to General Conference:

Stake Center

Projector in Cultural hall and projectors\TVs in 5 overflow rooms via CCTV


  • Cameras: Names
  • Display hymns via mixer: Names
  • Web-cast Monitoring & check on the overflow rooms: Names

Main Street building


  • Web-Cast: Names
  • Assigned High Councilor:

Note: If there is an issue, Jeff can work the issue, while the HC does the crowd control. Jeff will not be able to do both. For the most part, KP building picks up the webcast stream and just hopefully runs. Please have them contact the Web-cast person in building so he knows who it is.

Let's just say, I look forward to 12 noon, Sunday. :)


Technical setup notes

  1. The monitor TV set to channel 6 to see the satelite, channel 3 to see the closed circuit TV
  2. To turn one the library audio turn on the round black nob all the way.