Handlebar Risers

NEW! PhatRisers II™ for 1" bars

PhatRisers II™ w/hardware

These handlebar risers were created especially for Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic, 1500 Drifter, and Nomad (due to their longer steering head moments), and for 'vertically challenged' 800 Vulcan owners . Raises the bars 2.5" and pulls your grips back 3" closer to you. Works with original cables/hoses, but requires you to reroute them behind the triple tree in some applications. These will work with all Vulcan 400/800/900/1500/1600/2000's and Nomad 1500/1600, too. Our favorite for the Nomad and 1500/1600 Classic (F.I. or Carb'd), due to their slightly longer stance.


Phat II - requires brake hose replacement (not sure if I want to or not)  $139 for chrome 5.5 inch

or PhatRisers™ by Scootworks  $105 for polished 4 inch

Update: My Phat II rises came yesterday, so I installed them last night.  Today after work I went for a short ride.  They seem great!  I am still playing with the frount brake line which is a tight and adjusting the position of the handle bars.