Carburetor clogged with bad gas in Utah

I have had to unplug and rebuild many ATV, scotter and lawn mower carburetor because of the ethanol added to our gas.

I got several tips from Dave Johnson who owns Dave's Small Engine repair in Salem, Utah:Daves

  • 90% of the repairs are related to bad gas
  • He has to rebuild lots carborators, but the ethanol atracts water that corrodes parts and so some carburetor just have to be replaced


Prevent Carburetor Problems

  • Get the type of fuel stablizer that has treatment for ethanol
    • STA-BIL® Ethanol Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer
  • You can look for gas that does not have ethanol

Where to get gas without Ethanol?

Fastgas I talked to Jim Westring who owns the Tesoro Fast Gas station in Spanish Fork (833 N Main St, ClearSpanish Fork, UT),  as of 2014 he has added

Clear Midgrade 88 gas (pump 5 & 6) that is ethanol free.


Dave also mentioned that many of the lawn mowers he sees are low or clear out of oil, please check the oil in your mowers and ATVs.