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Apache Solr on Drupal

These are guides to installing Apache Solr and integrating it with Drupal

With Drupal 7 I was forced to move from Luceen to Apache Solr for my search engine.  I found that there are lots of documents on how to do Solr 1.4.1 with Drupal 6 but but with Drupal 7 not so much.  I also wanted the added complexity of running mutilple Drupal sites off of one multicore Solr instance for Test and another set of Drupal sites off of another Solr instance with just one Tomcat server for both.

Drupal 7 CCK

Drupal Instructions for Matrix

To create custom content types

Download and enable the following modules

drush dl ctools diff ds eva entity feeds media nodereference_url plupload references token vbo views views_data_export wysiwyg

drush en ctools diff ds eva entity feeds media nodereference_url plupload references token vbo views views_data_export wysiwyg

Setting up Drupal nodereferences

This video show how to guide



Solr for two sites running Drupal 6 Search on Tomcat 6 / CentOS 6

Note this tutorial sets up two seperate solr applications in tomcat, not multi core in one java application.

ApacheSolr for Drupal 6 improves on the out-of-the-box search experience for Drupal users. The easiest way to get Solr running on your Drupal web site is to use the hosted service provided by Acquia; it is way easier than running your own Solr. You simply point your queries to their Solr server and you’re done.

For various reasons, you might want to run your own Solr web service on your own machine. In this article, I will walk you through setting up a working Solr installation using Tomcat 6 on CentOS 6. The end result of this walkthrough will be two separate Solr indexes (via two separate Solr web apps) for two different web sites running on a single Tomcat. I will assume that you are using Acquia’s Drupal (which ships with SolrPHPClient).

Other userful sites for Apache Solr with Drupal

Here is a link for Ubuntu with multiple cores running out of one example solr application

  • Tomcat6, Solr 1.4.0, Ubuntu 9.10, Drupal 6

How to Install Solr 3 on Drupal 7

  • Drupal 7, Solr 3.4, Very sketchy instructions

Here is a link for Multi Core Apache Solr on Ubuntu 10.04 for Drupal with Auto Provisioning

  • Jetty, Solr 1.4, Drupal 6

Here is a link for setting up Multicore Solr on Ubuntu 10.04

  • Ubuntu 10.04, Solr 1.4, Tomcat6, No Drupal integrationm just multi core example




drupal duplicate node-url token definition with token module

Last token dev releases have added a new [node-url] token, this creates a conflict wit this module that defines too the same token, forcing a conflict error with other modules as pathauto. Here is a patch as explained in this issue


Dave Reid - August 12, 2010 - 22:20

845250-notifications-token-dupe-D6-2.patch 1.58 KB


To apply the patch download the patch file above to the directory