Knowbe4 Employee Phishing Education


Additionally, for the client that is already a customer, they will need to send an email to their CSM to have the console moved into your system. They can also find out their current expiration date and advise they will be renewing through you. As a current customer, their seat count will not be counted toward your bulk/pulled from your purchased seats. 


Again, thank you for time today and continued partnership!



First off, I want to thank you for joining our KnowBe4 Family! Creating the Human Firewall is our business and our passion and we are so happy to have you onboard as a partner to help us realize that vision!

As an Authorized Partner, you have access to a partner portal and plenty of collateral to make your life easy! You can also sign up for our one of our partner onboarding webinars that goes in-depth to the partner portal and how to onboard. We run these three times a week at the following times:

Tuesday - 10-11:15 am EST
Wednesday - 2-3:15 pm EST
Thursday - 4-5:15 pm EST

You can access our partner collateral page here: (pw is success)

In addition, as a reseller you have some reseller-specific links that I have provided below. If you provide these to your potential clients to check out our resources and free tools, it will link directly back to you and I so we can work the deal together! 

Gartner Magic Quadrant

KSAT Demo Request

Domain Spoof Test

Weak Password Test

Second Chance

Ransomware Simulator

Phishing Security Test

Automated Security Awareness Program

Phishing Alert Button

Email Exposure Check Pro

Mail Security Assessment

USB Security Test

Breached Password Test

Domain Doppelgänger

Password Exposure Test

Training Preview

KSAT Quote Request

PhishER Demo Request

PhishER Quote Request

KCM Demo Request

OnDemand Webinar From the Trenches

OnDemand Webinar 10 Ways Email Hack

Finally, please reach out to me to schedule a demo for any of your potential clients. We truly find that seeing the platform in action is an easy-close for even the most skeptical clients and can really help pull the deal in! 

You can utilize my personal meeting request link here!