Drupal 8 Webform

Install Webform

Download and enable the webform modules, the basics include


Webform UI

Webform Node

Webform Libraries

The Webform module utilizes third-party Open Source libraries to enhance webform elements and to provide additional functionality. It is recommended that these libraries are installed in your Drupal installations /libraries or /web/libraries directory. If these libraries are not installed, they will be automatically loaded from a CDN. All libraries are optional and can be excluded via the admin settings form.

There are several ways to download the needed third-party libraries.



  • Generate a *.make.yml or composer.json file using drush webform:libraries:makeor drush webform:libraries:composer.
  • Execute drush webform:libraries:download, to download third-party libraries required by the Webform module. (OSX/Linux)
  • Execute drush webform:composer:update, to update your Drupal installation's composer.json to include the Webform module's selected libraries as repositories.
  • Download and extract a zipped archive containing all webform libraries and extract the directories and files to /libraries or /web/libraries