How to setup Home Video surveillance with IPcam webcam

When my sons IPod was taken from our house I decided it was time to setup video surveillance of our home.

I first select the IPcam FI8918w and have it FTP images to my Fedora server.

For my Android phones and Tablets IP Cam Viewer is a great application.  The pro version does support two way audio and cost $3.99

I found out that audio support on the Iphone is limited with this camera, the Baby monitor app does include audio but it costs $6.99.

To get audio to work with Firefox you must first download and install the Mozilla plugin from as mentioned on this support page.

Next, I plan to evaluate ZoneMinder on Fedora so I can control the motion detion actions better.  Update after trying all day to get ZoneMinder to work on Fedora 11 I gave up.  Now I am trying it on my other server which is Fedora 14, things are going better so far.

Update: for Fedora 19 be sure to read: /usr/share/doc/zoneminder-1.25.0/README.Fedora

I install ZoneMinder, then had to add the control file for my camera in the directory: