How to setup Fedora Directory Server, LDAP

Fedora Directory Server

Install Directory Server

Get the software

yum install fedora-ds

Check install

  • Check that the software is installed
 /usr/lib/mozldap/ldapsearch -h orasos -p 389 -s base -b "" "objectclass=*"

Configure Directory Server

  • run the config program
sudo /usr/sbin/

Check for errors in

  • Here are the paths of installed files
  • If you still cannot find the errors you made need to use strace like this, search for the failures
strace  -ff /usr/sbin/

Install on Fedora 9

Start the admin-server

sudo /opt/fedora-ds/start-admin

  • Start the directory server

/etc/rc.d/init.d/dirsrv stop

Management Console


Username: admin

Password: *******

URL: orasos:9830

Sync with Acitive Directory on Microsoft

Sync with flat file

  • phonebook
  • phpldapadmin

Install on ubuntu