James Calvin Sly

James C. Sly a Mormon pioneer, was born on 8 Aug 1807 in Sodus, Wayne, New York. He served as member of the Mormon Battalion in [1], scout for early west trails[2] used during the California gold rush, journal keeper in 1848 and 1849, early US western settler of several communities, served on to missions to Canada, was accidentally wounded outside Fort Levan early in the Utah Black Hawk War. He died on 31 Aug 1864 in Chicken Creek, Juab, Utah. He was buried in 1864 in Chicken Creek, Juab, Utah, USA. He married Susannah GUSTIN on 25 Mar 1849 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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  4. The Pollock Pines Epic
  5. Black Hawk Indian War of Utah
  6. Traveling the Mormon Emigrant Trail (They named this encampment after James C. Sly)
  7. James Calvin Sly Museum (In the Sly Park Recreation Area) Pollock Pines, California
  8. Sly's Park, a small valley or mountain dell, thus named for Captain James C. Sly
  9. Led first wagons on Salt Lake cutoff, became the Gold Rush Trail