pfsense basic configuration


Install pfsense with at least two network connections. Pfsense will assign one to be the WAN interface, the network for the WAN interface should not be 192.168.1.x as this needs to be reserved as the default LAN for the web configuration (do not try to connect to the web configuration on the WAN interface). Pfsense will assign the other to be the LAN interface.  Attach a computer to this interface to use a browser to configure.

pfSense Add Static Route

There is a server on the DMZ that we want to access.

System -> Routing.

There are three tabs (“Gateways“, “Routes“, “Groups“);

click on the “Routes” tab and click the “plus” button to add a new route.

At “Destination“, type in the IP address of the destination network, which in our case is the DMZ network (assume it is

At the drop-down box, select the number of bits in the subnet mask (assume it is 24). At “Gateway“, choose the gateway we defined in the previous article, or whichever gateway is appropriate. At “Description“, you can enter a description of the route (e.g. “Static route to the DMZ). Press the “Save” button to save the changes, and at the next screen, press the “Apply changes” button if necessary.