SEO with Drupal 7

I found this great article 7 Drupal SEO Tips To Rank Better On Google, I think I need to focus on the following parts:

  • Link Checker: Checks for broken links.
  • Read More Link: Creates customized, SEO-friendly read more links.
  • SEO Checklist: Checklist that provides admin shortcuts and download links to pretty much all the modules and tasks to perform SEO
  • SEO Compliance Checker: Checks for on page SEO compliance giving the user analysis when a node is saved or previewed.
  • Scheduler: Allows scheduling for the publishing of nodes.
  • Site Map: Creates a plain text version of the sitemap.
  • Site Verification: Verification assistance of site ownership for search engines.
  • Syndication: Centralization, through a web page, all RSS feeds generated by Drupal.
  • Honeypot and Botcha really good alternatives for Mollom