VMWare and Virtualbox on Fedora

I installed Windows7 on a VMWare player on my old Fedora 14 box, now I want to upgrade to Fedora 20 and migrate from VMWare player to VirtualBox.

First I made a backup of my Win directory and my windows7x64.vmx file.  Then after doing some reading decided I should try to convert my vmware vmx file to the Open Virtualization Format (.ovf) first.

So I followed the steps and used the following to overcome the errors I saw.

  1. shutdown the virtual windows properly, first it did about two hours of windows updates because I usally just suspend it.  After this I changed windows to ask me if I wanted to install updates.
  2. I got an error that vmware was out of disk space and I needed to suppend it. So I went into Logical Volume Managment and extended the /win partition my virtual machine was on.  Even though is still had free space.
  3. start and shutdown windows to make sure I have it cleanly shutdown, another hour of updates later, I finally got a clean start and shutdown.
  4. Use the ovftool to convert to the Open Virtualization Format (.ovf)
    • ovftool /home/username/VMware/Windows 7 x64.vmdk.vmx /home/username/Windows 7 x64.ovf
  5. Error: Failed to open disk: Windows 7 x64.vmdk
  6. I found out that path to the file was bad with the option:
    • ./ovftool --machineOutput --X:logToConsole=true
  7. Turns out that the symbolic link won't work for the directory, you have to use the actual physical path.  So my command became:
    • ./ovftool --machineOutput --X:logToConsole=true /win/Windows7x64/Windows\ 7\ x64.vmx /home/username/virutalboxWin7x64.ovf
  8. Then after 15 minutes of converting, I ran out of disk space
    • FileIO error: No space left  : /home/username/virutalboxWin7x64-disk1.vmdk.tmp
  9. It looks like it makes a copy of your whole virtual machine, not just the vmx definitions, so now I find more diskspace and try again.