How to be happy

Neil ParsrichaNeil

We have all been taught wrong!


But really


Three Tools for Positivity

Two minute morning routine

When you first wake up spend two minutes on this

Two minute morning routine

  1. Today I will let go of ...
  2. Today I am grateful for ...
  3. Today I will focus on ...

Have a weird hobby

Do something new to you, something you are not good at.

Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein

Go untouchable

The last hour of each day don't use screens

Story of experiment of two rooms

  • Room one had two people with a table and a cell phone on the table.  The phone did not belong to either of them and was off.
  • Room two had two people with a table and a pad of paper.

After 10 minutes the people in the room with the paper knew each other very well, the ones with a cell phone on the table hardly knew each other at all.  Just the sight of a cell phone on the table made them think of all the things they could be checking on their phone.

What can you do the last hour of each day?


Something you are grateful for, twice, something that was hard, "Ugh I am sorry that sucks", something you look forward to.

Other thoughts from Russell M. Nelson: Post thankful journal to social media each day, Give thanks in daily prayer.