Getting started with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Here are some of the best documents I have found to help me setup my Note 4. Galaxy Note 4

13 things every Galaxy Note 4 owner should do

  1. Prepare for disaster, Enable Android Device Manager
  2. Update your apps
  3. Remove Flipboard Briefing
  4. Customize your Home Screen, Customize your Dock Apps
  5. Ok Google Everywhere
  6. Never lose your S Pen!
  7. Optimize access to settings
  8. Enable Tap and Pay
  9. Speed up performance
  10. Improve Battery
  11. Tweak your settings to perfection
  12. Download the best Note 4 apps and games
  13. Explore Galaxy Note 4 Forums for more

18 essential tips and tricks for getting started with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  1. Add a ‘sticky note’ to your Home screen
  2. Enable Pop-up view
  3. Clip a photo and share it
  4. Turn Flipboard briefing off—or on!
  5. Enable One-handed operation mode
  6. Set up Blocking mode
  7. Customize the Notification panel
  8. Add Action memos to the lock screen
  9. Try out an S-Note template
  10. Use the volume keys to snap photos
  11. Use voice commands to take photos
  12. Use gestures to ignore a “frenemy”
  13. Enable power saving modes
  14. Use the volume keys to increase the font size
  15. Shut off S Voice
  16. Turn the screen on with a hover
  17. Enable Private mode<
  18. Use your phone with gloves

Getting started with the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

And My own great discovery

Disable all the installed apps you don't use to speed up your note 4 and make the battery last 50% more.  Go under settings->Applications->Application manager->(bloatware i.e. samsung print)->turn off