Content Management System

Semantic Web and Resource Description Framework

Need defined

HTML can only say that the span of text "ID586172" is something that should be positioned near "Acme Gizmo" and "$199", etc. There is no way to say "this is a catalog" or even to establish that "Acme Gizmo" is a kind of title or that "$199" is a price. There is also no way to express that these pieces of information are bound together in describing a discrete item, distinct from other items perhaps listed on the page.

Semantic Web

Componets of Semetic web

How I got started

How to create a web site for small businesses or family groups.

I wanted to evaluate the best software for creating some web sites:

  1. A web site for social networking with my family (Blogs, Photo Gallerys)
  2. A wiki for documenting knowledge
  3. Small business web site using open source software on Apache and Linux. (still under way)

Capture the process on my own wiki

Since I wanted to use the wiki to capture all the tips and tricks I learned through this process I started my evaluating and installing wiki software. I have made my wiki available to the public with all my notes.



How to setup Drupal 5

Drupal was easy to download and install but harder to learn and extend.  Once I started adding modules and learning what they could do I became very impressed and overwelmed.
Here are all my notes on learning and installing Drupal 5
For all but the very simple sites Drupal is my recommendation.


How to setup Wordpress

I liked Wordpress, it was easy to install and to add some prebuilt themes, there were a few mambots and extensions I liked as well. It is very easy to use for a one author many readers type site. But setting up groups of users with their own pages is very hard because it is not designed for it. Also, I was frustrated by the lack of integration of extensions with each other.



CMS software selection

First I search high and low for the top open source CMS products. My evaluation started focusing on Wordpress, Xoops, and Joomla. I was impressed but felt that the underlying desing of these products was not flexible enough for what I wanted. I decided a key part that was missing from all of these packages was the social networking features I wanted. I learned how to find pluggins and install them, but they were more for single publisher model not for a many to many publishing model.