DrupalCon Keynote - Luke Wroblewski - Mobile First

LukewMobile First (Video) (Download PDF)

  1. Growth
  2. Constraints
  3. Capabilities

Other Presentations by Luke

Growth story

  • 371,000 babies born each day
  • 378,000 Iphone, IOS 562,000 devices per day
  • 700,000 Android¬†
  • 1.5 million devices activated each day

Dries Buytaert Keynote Drupalcon Denver 2012

DriesBWin the hearts and minds (Video)

Innovation examples, cat duster, baby duster, noodle hair shield.
Cool companies like Palm and others have failed to innovate, Drupal must innovate.
Drupal 7 grew 2.5 times faster than Drupal 6 to 100,000 sites, there are now more drupal 7 sites than drupal 6.
Kodak invented digital photography, but they were unwilling to move away from their core analog business.

Semantic Web and Resource Description Framework

Need defined

HTML can only say that the span of text "ID586172" is something that should be positioned near "Acme Gizmo" and "$199", etc. There is no way to say "this is a catalog" or even to establish that "Acme Gizmo" is a kind of title or that "$199" is a price. There is also no way to express that these pieces of information are bound together in describing a discrete item, distinct from other items perhaps listed on the page.

Semantic Web

Componets of Semetic web

Oraganizing your web site

A web site plan consists of planning for:

  1. Elements on a page
  2. lists of content
  3. page design and layout
  4. Interations
  5. Markup
  6. Workflow

You should plan to get

  • content organized
  • ways to navigate
  • How do the users interact with your sites

There are three contributed modules that you will need to include in your theming toolkit:

  • Content Creation Kit (CCK) module: used to extend the basic content type additional field.

  • Views module: used to create lists of content.