DrupalCon Keynote - Luke Wroblewski - Mobile First

LukewMobile First (Video) (Download PDF)

  1. Growth
  2. Constraints
  3. Capabilities

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Growth story

  • 371,000 babies born each day
  • 378,000 Iphone, IOS 562,000 devices per day
  • 700,000 Android 
  • 1.5 million devices activated each day

Cisco measures traffic

  • 6 Billion mobile connections today
  • 12 Billion by 2016 (26x growth)

Asia and Africa, India 50% of people never use a desktop computer.

In 3 years in the USA 50% of Internet use will be mobile

PayPal income from mobile

  • 2009 $141m
  • 2011 $4b

Japan mixi 4 years ago 14%, today 85% of their traffic is mobile


  • 8% of users are mobile
  • buet 40% of traffic is mobile

Zillion real estate channel

Applications verse web page users

Facebook gets more mobile web traffic than all their native apps on all platforms combined.

Instead of a companion web site for the desktop, I found I could make the mobile site better.


Screen sizes

  • Desktop typical 1024x768
  • Mobile 320x480

You have to get rid of 80% of the content on the web page

Change blindness (you cannot see the difference)

Example: Southwest Airlines (desktop verses mobile)

Example: Flicker went from a menu of 60 items to 6

Example: Expedia page that tells me what time my flight leaves Desktop verses the Mobile version

Bandwidth constrains

Page load times slower by 500ms result in 4% loss in sales.

Where do we use mobile

  • 84% use at home
  • 80% misc places
  • 74% waiting in lines
  • 64% at work

You get one thumb, one eyeball and that is all the attention you get.

When do peole read stuff they saved for later, mobile when not at work, length of smartphone sessions is really short, in out.

Things people go to the site for verses stuff on the site, same priority for mobile as what is good for the web site.


Environmental additional information

  • sensors, touch, 
  • RFID

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