Drupal Webform 3

By Nathan Haug from Lullabot

Overview of Webform

A node will get an extra tab for Webform

Table shows everything, download lets you get a CSV

You can Webform enable any content type, some will enable the page content type.

Multiple page forms

User editable email templates

Save as Draft and Resume

Total and per user submission limits

Tons of APIs for hacking

Rules integration with Webform is good

Very New Features

HTML5 frendly features like for entering an email

Number component (show the number keyboard)

Conditional Logic, based on an earlier value on page 1, then page 2 can show different stuff, there is a conditional module that allows same page conditionals

Download Range, only download new submissions

Form Builder Integration - works and is stable

5 Tips and Tricks

Node clone - Clone content (have an umpublished node webform to use as a template)

Node Export - Export on Dev and import on production

Options Element (key value pair UI that is friendly)

Use hidden fields - keep track of information, (for example: current url, for there is a bug on this page)

Hidden fields can be marked as secure so they are never sent to the browser

Use %get tokens to set default values

Use mime mail to sent attachements and HTML emails with webform

Hands on Demo

Can send an email to the email field on the form.

Add a mime mail css to the root of your theme dirctory.

Webform and Formbuilder together give really good integration