Build Mobile Apps for Drupal Sites

What are the choices?

Native application - requires skills


Allows you to put your app on the IOS and Android Markets where you can sell

You can have offline content by putting it in a www folder

Setup services 3 on Drupal 7 to get freah content

Out of the box it comes with plugins for camera, maps, contacts,

Use the Drupal Module MAG (Mobile App Generator)

Generate your application

Install the Android SDK

Install PhoneGap

You can use PhoneGAP with the cloud build.

You can add HTML to the app to allow you to take a picture and upload it to your site.

Some tips and Tricks

Do the development in the brower with web-kit, test and debug in the browser, test on each device.

Make sure you test it without being on a private network.

Jeff Wood githup site with Drupal project that will use the camera.



Well it looks very enticing to write your toolkit+phonegap for mobile. But subsequently, I have come to love toolkits like titanium and rubymotion much more. I wrote about my thoughts long back but I have subsequently revised my opinion.