#DrupalCon CHP (Copenhagen 2010)

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Group (the new Organic groups) - Building social networks in Drupal 7

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  • Organic groups has undergone a complete rewrite making it up to date with Drupal 7. The session will cover the differences between Group and Organic groups, and how Group is taking advantage of the field API.

    We will build a basic groups site without any coding.

    Later, for the benefit of module maintainers, we will build an example module that integrates with Group in order to learn how to use its API, this way attendees will have a better understanding on how to upgrade the OG modules from version 6.

Views 3

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  • This session will be about the changes to views in the views 3.x development cycle. Beside the big improvement of pluggable query backends(query from flickr etc.) views supports a bunch of more features of sql and has some more internal features. A short list of changes: Pluggable query backend, AND/OR support, GROUPBY support, better export code UI stuff, exposed forms, pluggable pagers, semantic support, translation support.

drupal 7 entities and fields - transitioning to d7

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  • In this session we will explore Drupal 7 entities, bundles and fields from a coders perspective. This will be a technical overview of the changes that have been introduced to content types in Drupal 7 and will walk through the creation of a basic content type including widgets, fields and formatters.

    This session is intended to be an introduction for module developers to the many changes in content type creation for Drupal 7. We will review the key concepts of entites, fields, bundles and explore widgets, formatters and view modes. The basis of this presentation is the Examples modules node_example sub-module. We will show how to create fields, instances of those fields and how to display them in different view modes. The custom view mode we will create illustrates how to utilize the core file and image modules to display an image in different sizes for different view modes.

    This is an excellent introduction to the changes you need to understand as Drupal evolves from disparate concepts like nodes, taxonomy terms, taxonomy vocabularies and comments to the cohesiveness of Entities. You will walk away from this session with a firm understanding of what you need to keep in mind with your Drupal 7 content modules.

    This is a code heavy presentation and will likely put you to sleep if you are not a coder

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