#DrupalCon SF Dries Keynote Video

http://ia331215.us.archive.org/2/items/Css3TheFutureIsNow/mon_1330_keynote_edited.gifDries Buytaert welcomed us by saying he was a little nervous facing the 3000 people at DrupalCon SF this year.  He got started by showing a web site Drupalistas stuck in Europe.

This is the first year the Drupal Keynotes are broadcast with live video over the web. 

You can see the video archive here.

Drupal 7, the next major release of Drupal, will ship with RDFa support directly "out of the box." To help people understand what is possible with RDFa support and how it enables us to do cool new things, take a look at this video.  The newly launched Semantic Drupal website contains articles, video tutorials and news on building Linked Data sites with Drupal 7.

Dries Keynote Points

  1. Change code management from CVS to Git
  2. Take Drupal Organization to the next level
  3. Sementic Web - Drupal7 will automatically add RDF tags to nodes, users this will help bootstrap the sementic web, showed a cool demo video
  4. Some big companies are using Drupal to do some really big projects: Accenture, Campent, IBM.  This small to big provides a more well rounded ecosystem.  Microsoft has announced PDO support for MS-SQL.  Drupal7 will come with PDO database access layer which will allow out of the box support for all PDO databases like (MYSQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite)
  5. The book ProDrupal will be updated for Drupal7
  6. Drupal was downloaded 230,000 times in March 2010.
  7. Compared to Wordpress and Joomla, Drupal is growing faster,
  8. Built a Web crawler and found that Drupal has 1% of web sites, but only 2% of Drupal sites are in the top one million web sites, this means most Drupal sites are small
  9. Drupal7 has 732 developers, 25 of whom have produced 50% of all code.  Drupal7 has doubled in size and features.  In core Drupal 7 has the features from over 70 modules.  We are down to 100 Critical bugs in Drupal.  Shoot for a June-September Release.
  10. Showed Graph of the richeness and reach of different CMS
  11. SaaS is important to Drupal as it helps improve the reach of Drupal
  12. Drupal8 will add configuration management and staging, continue to focus on Usability and user experience.
  13. We have a dilemma
  • Do we serve small web sites or big ones?
  • Do we serve Developers or End users?
  • Do we serve the current user base or the future user base?
  • We can go up market with more and more features after the large companies
  • We can go down market and stay simple for the small users.
  • We should try to follow the market (see chart)