3D Lithophanes on a 3D Printer

If you haven't figured this out already, Lithophanes are one of coolest things you can print with your 3D Printer. However, getting the proper settings can be confusing and very frustrating.

Turn your pictures into 3D stl files of lamp lithophanesflat lithophanesnight light lithophanes, and more by using these lithophane makers.

Tool to convert Images for 3D printing at lithophanes: 3dp rocks

Lithophane Print Settings

A good starting point with your print settings.

Maximum Thickness: 3mm
Minimum Thinness: .6mm or .2 plus your nozzle size
​Negative: If you have the option print with a negative setting

Slicer Settings:

​Infill: 100%
Perimeters: 10
Perimeter Speeds: 35mm/s - 45mm/s
Print Along the Y direction

Baby Couple  

Happy Light