SSD Ram Drives

The RamSan-630 rackmount solid state storage system provides 10 TB of shareable, high performance storage for IT organizations that need to respond to the growing storage and performance needs of their users and applications. One RamSan-630 system can replace an entire rack of high-end hard drives. SLC Flash and innovative controller designs give the RamSan-630 enterprise reliability and data protection features.

With a capacity of 10 TB in a 3U enclosure that uses only 500 Watts, the RamSan-630 can handle data growth very efficiently. It installs quickly and easily, integrating seamlessly into almost any SAN environment using up to 10 Fibre Channel or InfiniBand interfaces. It is certified by IBM for use with IBM SAN Volume Controller, providing additional management and reliability features. Capable of over 1,000,000 IOPS and 10 GB/s bandwidth, the versatile RamSan-630 is especially well suited for high performance computing, data warehousing, and batch processing applications.

Flash has enabled TMS to deliver high performance storage solutions to a much broader customer base. For over 30 years we have been at the forefront of storage performance and application acceleration for enterprises. With this 16th generation RamSan-630, we are combining expertise and technology to solve challenging problems of performance and efficiency in enterprises of all types and sizes.


RamSan 630 D-RamSan-630-6TB RamSan-630 6-TB Base Level System. Includes: 6-TB SLC Flash, 1,000,000 IOPS Random,10-GB/s throughput, 3U Rackmount, 1 FC-341 (dual ported, 4-Gbit) or 1 IB-381 (dual ported, QDR)


The RamSan-630 offers scalable performance and affordable high capacity that is space and power efficient as well. A single 3U unit provides 10TB of reliable Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash, making the RamSan-630 the highest density SLC Flash SSD product on the market. Throughput is 10-GB per second, latency ranges from 80 to 250 microseconds, 25 times less than high performance hard disk drives, and it offers 1 M IOPS!

Each RamSan-630 unit can support 10 Fibre Channel or InfiniBand ports. Installation and management are simple, with embedded management capabilities and clear displays. One or more RamSan-630s can easily be integrated into a mixed storage infrastructure and monitored and managed through a common management framework.

Enterprise-grade Data Protection
The RamSan-630 provides enterprise-grade data protection features at the chip, board, and system levels. At the chip level, TMS uses only Single-Level Cell (SLC) Flash memory which has 10x greater endurance and reliability than other Flash chip architectures. Additionally, each Flash chip incorporates an Error Checking and Correction (ECC) algorithm within the chip to check and correct single-bit errors. At the board level, each set of Flash chips is organized as a board-level RAID, thereby eliminating any single chip failure from corrupting data.

At the system level, the RamSan-630 allows you to designate one of the cards inside the system as an Active Spare that works hand-in-hand with the chip level RAID on each of our boards. If one of the cards experiences a chip failure that degrades its RAID protection, the system will immediately migrate the data on that card to the Active Spare to return to a redundant state. At that point, the degraded card will be inactive and can be swapped during the next scheduled maintenance downtime. Having the Active Spare means that a faulty card can be swapped in a matter of minutes without the need to migrate all 10TB of data off and back on to the RamSan®.

Finally, the RamSan-630 offers data management options for data protection as well. Logical Storage Units (LUN) can be designated in multiple configurations, including the option of assigning a separate LUN to each of the RamSan-630’s 2 (1TB) or 20 (10TB) Flash cards. This flexibility allows you to mirror LUNs for maximum data protection.

Total Price: $192,100.00