BackPacking List

This is the list we used when Hiking Kings Peak in 2018.

Check List for 3 days/2 nights   Clothing (packed)  
BackPack, Hiking Boots   Rain jacket  
Shelter   Beanie  
Tent w/stakes & poles   Gloves (if cold)  
50’ of cord   fleece (if really cold)  
sleeping bag   Long sleeve wicking shirt  
sleeping pad   Spare pants  
Rain cover for backpack   Camp underwear  
Kitchen   Camp socks  
Stove   camp sandals (needed for night pee trips )  
Fuel   swimming suit/towel  
Foldable bowl      
spork   Personal Items  
Foldable cup (2 cups) and small cup   Toothbrush  
Hiking bladder   Toothpaste  
Kitchen sink bladder   Gum  
Water filter   Vitamins  
Pot w/pot holder   Medications  
Nalgene Water Bottles 2   Lip Balm  
    Hand Soap sanitizer  
Food   plastic trowel cat-hole shovel/ toilet paper  
4 MH Dinners   Mole Skin  
4 days of Oats   First Aid/Emergency Kit  
1 bag instant potatoes   Pain killers  
1 small bag Jerky   Anti-diarrhea  
1 small bag nuts/trail mix   Antihistamine  
4 granola bars   Bandages, etc.  
1 bag candy/simple sugar   Duct tape  
emergency ramen packages   Extra lighters  
1st night-in luxury dinner: Beef stew   Fire starter  
hot chocolate packets (with marshmallows )   Emergency blanket  
    water purification tabs  
GPS/maps/Compass   Entertainment  
Paper Maps   Phone  
Extra batteries for GPS and Spot   Headphones  
Compass   Card games (if rain forecasted)  
Fishing Gear      
Fly rod and reel   Miscellaneous  
Tin foil for cooking fish   100% DEET REI bug repellent ( Uintas)  
Camera Gear   Sunscreen  
Camera   Trekking Poles  
Tripod   Multi-tool, knife  
Extra batteries   Headlamp,collapsible tent mini lantern  
Clothing (wearing)   Lighters  
Convertible pants/shorts   Thermarest stuff/pillow sack  
synthetic short sleeve shirt   Stool or pillow  
Hiking underwear   Binoculars (well worth the extra weight to spot)  
Hiking socks   emergency whistle/signal mirror  
Hiking boots   several ziplock freezer bags  
Shade hat   Lithium batteries (GPS & Phone)  
Sunglasses   Walkie Talkies  
No long sleeve shirt, just jacket      
no shorts      
camp socks      
leave church at 5 am      
no radio      
one big one small water bottle      
crystal light packs      
Rook cards