Stake Young Men Presidency and Secretaries Duties

  1. Assist the stake presidency

  2. Instruct and support ward auxiliary presidencies

    1. Orient newly called

    2. Ongoing encouragement, support

    3. Attend Monthly Ward YM Presidency Meeting

    4. Visit ward Sunday meetings

    5. Stake leadership meetings, once a year

    6. Ward Council

  3. Weekly Stake YM Presidency meetings

  4. Meet regularly with stake presidency, and high councilor

  5. Serve on the stake council

  6. Sacrament - A focus on teaching the AP the importance of the sacrament and proper administration of the sacrament and the “principle of non-distraction.

  7. Serve on Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women Committee

    1. Youth should be included in planning and carrying out activities

    2. Stake Conference

    3. Stake Dances

    4. Devotionals

  8. Unit Commissioner

    1. Round Table

    2. Attend Ward Scout Committee meetings - quarterly

    3. Attend quarterly Ward Activites, by group (Venture, Varsity, Scout) - quarterly

  9. Duty to God

    1. Learn program

    2. Encouage use

    3. Reports on progress

Stake Young Men Secretaries

  1. prepare agendas for presidency meetings

  2. attend presidency meetings, take notes, and keep track of assignments

  3. Prepare reports as the presidency requests "When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates" (see Thomas S. Monson, in Conference Report, Oct. 1970, 107).

    1. Number of young men in wards, by age

    2. Number of young men not attending during month, by age

    3. Number of young men not assigned to home teach, by teacher, priest

    4. Progress in Duty to God

    5. Progress in Target Eagle

    6. Account for expenses and prepare the annual

    7. Training for ward auxiliary secretaries