Computer equipment failure

The types of computer equipment failures that can occur are:

  1. Server failure, requires a replacement of server or major component like mother board or power supply. (Down time: at least 24 hours currently)
  2. Hard drive failure, if the drive is protected in a raid, then we just have to detect the failure, obtain a replacement, and then switch the bad hard drive. (Down time - none if repaired before second drive failure)
  3. Network router failure, detect the failure and replace the defective router and reprogram. (Down time: at least 24 hours currently) should backup router configuration.
  4. Network switch failure, detect the failure, if needed move east switch to computer room to bring up basic functionality, reprogram switch.
  5. Office Printer failure, get printer serviced, if office printer, just use another office printer
  6. Industrial Printer (used for warehouse labels) failure, get printer serviced.
  7. Laptop or Desktop failure, call Dell support, if out of warrantee uy replacement, recommend having a spare laptop always on site.
  8. Application corruption, restore from last good backup. (see data protection)
  9. Database corruption, restore from last good backup, Fishbowl database backed up to NAS?

Recovery from Backup

  1. The NAS has a nightly automated backup of the Fishbowl database
  2. AWS has a periodic manual snapshot of the Windows and Linux virtual servers.
  3. Quickbooks has been manually backed up to the NAS twice in December 2018, cannout automate backup of the application, recommend disk level backup solution (see data protection)
  4. External Web site, call Godaddy to restore from backup, they do not promise protection of the web site nor of the backups, should have a local copy as well.
  5. PHP Code, source code stored on developer's personal laptop. Production copy is on the Linux server.