1. Design Coordination



Purpose, Objectives


  • Single point of coordination and control for all activities and processes within this stage of the service lifecycle
  • Ensure the consistent design of appropriate services
  • Plan and coordinate the resources and capabilities required to design new or changed services
  • Produce service design packages (SDPs) based on service charters and change requests




  • Not every design activity requires the same level of rigor to ensure success. A significant number of design efforts will require little or no individual attention from the design coordination process.
  • Most design coordination process activity focuses around those design efforts that are part of a project, as well as those that are associated with changes of defined types.




  • Assisting and supporting each project or other change through all the service design activities and processes
  • Maintaining policies, guidelines, standards, budgets, models
  • Coordinating, prioritizing, scheduling all service design resources
  • Ensuring that all requirements are appropriately addressed in service designs, particularly utility and warranty requirements
  • Ensuring the production of service designs and/or Service Design Packages (SDP) and their handover to service transition