5. Capacity Management




For maximum throughput a CI/service can deliver while meeting Service Level targets.


Manage capacity of IT services/infrastructure can deliver Service Level targets efficiently and effectively.

More objectives:

  • Produce and maintain an appropriate and up-to-date Capacity Plan which reflects the current and future needs of the business.
  • Provide advice and guidance to all the other areas of the business and IT on all capacity and performance related issues.
  • Manage performance / capacity of services and resources to ensure agreed service performance achievements meet their targets.


  • Reactive Activities - monitoring, measuring analysis, reporting
  • Proactive Activities - trending, modeling, tuning, optimizing

Three Sub-processes

Creates plans/designs via three sub-processes:

  • Business Capacity Management – focused on business requirements.
  • Service Capacity Management – focused on delivery of existing service (capacity vs. SLA & SLR targets); proactive/reactive strategies.
  • Component Capacity Management – all components used to meet service requirements.