Continual Service Improvement - ITIL




Integrate with all processes

Continual Service Improvement

Provides guidance in evaluating/improving the quality of services by measuring, reporting, and improving service management processes/services.


  • Primary: align/realign to changing biz needs by implementing improvements.
  • Looking for ways to improve alignment/effectiveness/efficiency.


Review, analyze, and make recommendations on processes in each lifecycle stage & op services.


Address 3 areas:

  • Overall Health of ITSM
  • Alignment of portfolio of services with biz
  • Maturity of IT services

Value to Business

  • Lead to a gradual and continual improvement in service quality, where justified
  • Ensure that IT services remain continuously aligned to business requirements

IT Governance

IT must now comply with new rules and legislation. IT must continually demonstrate compliance through numerous internal and independent audits. The reasons for this gain in IT governance are many including:

  • Sarbannes-Oxley Act 2002
  • ISO 2000 for ITTTTSM
  • COBIT an IT Audit Framework
  • PMBOK (a methodology for Project Management)

IT is asked to do more with less and to create additional value while maximizing the use of existing resources. These increasing pressures coincide perfectly with the basic premise of ITIL; that IT is a service business.

Deming cycle

Mgmt philosophy for establishing quality, productivity, and competitive position:

  1. Plan – formulate goal/theory; define how to measure success and plan.
  2. Do – execute plan.
  3. Check – monitor outcomes vs. expected results and look for lessons learned.
  4. Act – integrate lessons learned, adjust theory/method, and determine what more we must learn.

CSI Approach

Embrace vision by understanding business objective.

  • Baseline assessments ‐ Assess current situation (as is); baseline analysis of current position. Measurable targets.
  • Service & Improvement targets ‐ Understand/agree on priorities based on vision. Detail CSI plan by implementing ITSM processes
  • Measurement & Metrics ‐ Verify metrics are in place to see if milestones reached/processes compliant. Ensure momentum is created to ensure it keeps on trucking.
Key elements of
  • CSF
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Metrics
  • Measurements
  • Vary on qualitative and quantitative
CSI Register The CSI register provides a coordinated, consistent view of many improvement activities.