Oakley Diner with Nu Skin riders

oakley dineroakley diner2 0905081307.jpg

I’m a little late in posting this news but I am happy to announce that Keith Walker has opened the Road Island Diner in Oakley, Utah the weekend of June 28-29, 2008. After a year or so of a painstakingly complete top-to-bottom restoration this diner looks like it just came out of the Jerry O’Mahony factory!  From the reports I’ve read, people were happy with the food and service. I want to extend my congratulations to Keith and his crew for a job well done! I hope to someday check out the place myself.

I did get a comment from Maud and Bob Thurman who tried to visit the diner earlier this week. They live in the Salt Lake City area and apparently took the trip to check out the diner with out calling beforehand to find out their hours of operation. They got there and found out that the diner was closed Monday & Tuesday! I passed their message to Keith and I would always warn anyone that if you are planning to visit a diner (or any other type of business) whether you live in the next town or one or two hours away, it is best to call ahead to make sure they will be open. That way you won’t be disappointed or waste a trip.