Types of Visits

Virtual Visit vs. Office Visit vs. Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room?

  • Virtual Visits ($): These are perfect for minor illnesses or aches.
    • Cold or flu, fever, sinus infection, rash, allergies, bronchitis, etc.
    • For more info, please see Virtual Visits.
  • Office Visit ($$): These visits should be for non-life threatening conditions.
    • Sprains, back pain, minor cuts or burns, minor eye injuries, etc.
  • Urgent Care ($$$): Visit the Urgent Care for non-life-threatening but urgent care needs.
    • Stitches, x-rays, broken bones, labs, etc.
  • Emergency Room ($$$$): Only go to the ER for serious and/or life-threatening conditions. They are not set up to care for routine illness and will work on the most serious cases first.
    • Trouble breathing, signs of a stroke, severe chest pain, heavy bleeding, deep wound, overdose, seizure, head or spine injury, etc.
How do you control your RX costs?
  • Shop your pharmacy: Prescriptions are like shoes. They cost different amounts at different locations.
    • There are different websites and apps that will help you find which pharmacy has the best price for your medication.
      • Apps we recommend: "GoodRX" & "RetailMeNot Rx Saver"
  • Ask for generic brands: The difference in cost between a generic and a name-brand can be huge. Sometimes the name-brand is as much as 10x more expensive.
    • Ask your doctor before leaving their office if there is a generic brand of the prescription. (Then look it up on one of the apps to find the best price!)